About me

I haven’t always prioritised looking after myself. As a teenager and into my early 20’s I was anxious, unfit and unhappy. I had zero self-compassion, tolerated toxic relationships, had a terrible diet, exercised sporadically and I got sick and run down, a lot. I had a stock of antibiotics in my drawer to help with the next inevitable episode of tonsillitis and pooped once a week. Yes, you heard that correctly… once. A. Week… No wonder my appendix eventually burst resulting in emergency surgery. The scariest thing is, I thought all of that was normal and okay.

For me, there wasn’t a light bulb moment when I drastically changed my entire lifestyle, I have made small, sustainable changes over time. 5 years later and I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been.

Drawing on my knowledge as a Doctor of Chiropractic and my passion for all things: health, wellness and fitness, I will share what I have learnt so far. I am in no way claiming to know it all, but I do know that I feel stronger, leaner, calmer and I want others to feel the same!