Have the courage to try again

I’ve been pretty much absent on my social media accounts over the past few months, I discussed the reasons why I took a step back in a previous post so won’t bore you with the details! I have wanted to get stuck back in again for a while now and start producing content for you all but I have found that the longer I left my social media pages, the harder it’s been to get going again…

I’ve noticed this with other habits too – particularly the daily habit of meditation! I think when you start a new habit the novelty of it keeps you going for a while until it becomes a true habit. But, if you stop a habit, for whatever reason, then starting it again seems harder. There’s no longer any novelty about it, you’ve been there, tried that before and failed to keep it up so no point in trying again, right?

Well if there’s anything I’ve learnt, it’s that you’re perception and response to ‘failure’ matters. Being consistent over a long ass time is what gets you the results you want and nobody is perfect, so it’s impossible to maintain all your habits all of the time.

It’s okay to miss a habit for one day, a week or even a month or two – look at the bigger picture. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter. What differentiates successful people is their courage to try again and again, to continue despite setbacks.

So if you’ve dropped a ball you’ve been juggling, firstly, don’t sweat it (remember, self compassion!) Then, if you want to and as soon as you’re ready, pick that mother fucker back up and get juggling again!

Paula xo

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