I am qualified in Exercise Nutrition!

I have been completely neglecting to produce any content as of lately. I have been challenging my energy into other pursuits and something had to give. As we entered into the new year, my prioritises changed – I decided that I wanted to complete my Nutritional Certification before March, our wedding planning stepped up a gear and Dan and I committed to doing a photoshoot in April, the lead up to which involves focused training and nutritional programming.

As much as I enjoy writing this blog, for the past month I couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to be creative or find the time to sit down and write. In January producing content for the blog, wedding planning, studying, training, food prep, practising as a chiropractor and the usual day to day tasks just all felt too much. I was overwhelmed so I made a decision to reduce my load – I assessed my priorities and decided that my blog needed take the backseat. This decision wasn’t something at the time I felt good about or really wanted to do, but I am so grateful I did.

I think throughout life, we have to give ourselves permission to give up something that no longer serves us. It’s okay to reduce our workloads and to say no, it’s okay to quit. I am trying to lead an authentic life, to practise what I preach. Being stressed out, staying up late to get things ticked off the to do list and spreading myself thinly just lead to anxiety and worry. My mental health is one of my top priorities and I encourage everyone adopt behaviours that support good mental health. I cannot preach this and then abuse my own by taking on too much.

The decision to reduce my workload paid off and I am super happy to say that after studying for the best part of a year I have earned Precision Nutrition’s Level 1 certificate in Exercise Nutrition! It’s been a huge commitment, including reading THE biggest textbook ever, filling out a workbook, watching online videos and completing modular online exams. I am so grateful that Dan pushed me into doing this course – it was outside my comfort zone and was probably the biggest commitment to learning I had taken since graduating with my Masters Degree. Feeling that I am growing and learning is essential for my overall happiness so this achievement means a lot to me and I cannot wait to share valuable nutrition content with you all!

Paula xo

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