Trust in Nature

Our bodies are amazing and they work incredibly hard to keep us healthy. Although living in cities removes us from nature, our bodies evolved as part of it, not apart from it. The intelligence within our bodies is also present within everything else you find in nature, every plant and every creature.

We, like everything else in nature, are programmed to survive and, when conditions are right, thrive. We are designed to be healthy, not sick. One of the things I love the most about Chiropractic is that it respects the innate intelligence of the body. Chiropractic does not put anything in, or take anything out of the body. It simply looks to remove the stress on the nervous system, allowing it to function optimally.


Too often we view our bodies as dysfunctional, broken things that we must be fix. Fix with a drug or surgery. I don’t think we can outsmart nature. When we get sick, our bodies have not been incompetent, they didn’t fail us, we failed. If a plant was withering, would you blame the plant? Or would you question whether perhaps you forgot to water it?

I know in the past, I’ve developed symptoms of a cold and blamed by body. I have felt betrayed by my immune system, it let me down. What I now realise, is that more often than not, I was setting it up to fail. I did this by placing too much stress on my body – restricting calories, not getting enough sleep, not managing emotional stress and training too hard.


Our bodies will look after us if we look after them. And if, despite your best efforts you still develop symptoms and illness, try to be compassionate and kind to your body. Trust that it is doing it’s very best and try to do all that you can to help it. We only get one body to last us a lifetime so invest in looking after it.

FYI this post may have been partially inspired by my love for the Disney film, Pocahontas.

Paula xo


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